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It's Will's first job on his own!

It's Will's first job on his own!

Book Six: The Siege of Macindaw, is now available in the Wester Library!


Check out The Ranger’s Apprentice series if you want action and adventure! 


The Sorceror of the North is book 5 in this great series.   It’s a little easier to follow if you’ve read the previous books, but no worries!  Even if you haven’t, you can figure it out and still enjoy it.


Will is now 21 and on his way to his first solo assignment.  He meets up with Alyss, beats off a party of raiding Skandians, and then finds himself facing a cunning sorcerer who could bring down the whole country.  But wait – is it magic, or just someone pretending to use magic to scare the locals?  Will has to use all his skills and abilities to find out who the real bad guy is.


Cliffhanger warning – this book is “To Be Continued” – so keep an eye out for volume six, The Siege of Macindaw, coming in fall 2009.


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