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Recommended books for grades 5-8

VOSS, by David Ives


How I Come to America and Am Hero, Mostly

Hero - or hilarious? Mostly!

With his delusional uncle and bummed-out father, bighearted 15-year-old Voss leaves Slobovia to chase the American dream.  Too bad that he also ends up being chased–by a feared Slobovian black marketeer (they accidentally stole his Cheez Puffs!)  and by the girl he is “fated to marry, no matter what.”  Writing a series of letters to a friend, in broken English where everything is spelled just like it sounds, Voss recounts his “dipp, dipp trobbles” and observes American life: “In America, is O.K. if your friends are boring or deep-pressed. All you do is take out celephone and talk to somebody else instead.”    Voss’s spelling, the crazy plot, and even crazier stereotypes of all things American make this a very funny story!

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