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Recommended books for grades 5-8

THE JUVIE THREE, by Gordon Korman

Their second chance could be their last.

Their second chance could be their last.

Three juvenile delinquents, headed for jail:  someone comes along and gives them a second chance.  And things are going all right – until their mentor gets hurt and it’s their fault.  What are they going to do?


They take him to the hospital and hope for the best … but when he wakes up, he has amnesia.  The kids know that if he’s not sending in his weekly reports, they’ll be back in jail – so they decide to keep on like their leader is still there.  They’ll go to school, do community service, attend therapy, and act like model citizens until things are back to normal.


But will things EVER get back to normal?  While they’re waiting to see, Gecko finds romance, Arjau gets famous, and Terence starts acting like a street thug again.  Will he get them all busted?


Sometimes funny, always true to life, The Juvie Three is a great read!


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