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Recommended books for grades 5-8

HOW NOT TO BE POPULAR, by Jennifer Ziegler


Maggie Dempsey is sick of moving – sick of saying goodbye to her friends and (most especially) her boyfriend.  This time, when her parents plunk her down in Austin, Texas, Maggie is determined not to have her heart broken again.  “Operation: Avoid Friends” starts with her wearing the dorkiest, geekiest outfit she can find at the thrift store her dad is now running.

But … the harder she tries, the more people seem to like her!   Kids see her nerdy outfits, and the next day the fashion copycats are out.  There’s a girl who’s determined to be her friend, a club she “has” to join so it’ll look good on her college applications – and two guys who think she’s pretty hot.

This is a great story about friends and fashion, with lots of LOL moments.  Great for girls 8th grade and up.


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