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Recommended books for grades 5-8

KIKI STRIKE, by Kirsten Miller

Who's living under New York City?  Kiki knows!

Who's linving under New York City? It's not Gregor anymore!

Here’s a book where smart girls rule, snotty girls drool, and The Shawdow City Irregulars kick butt!  Ananka’s life is like “colorless mush” until she meets, and starts shadowing, the mysterious Kiki Strike.  Kiki’s assembling a team to explore the Shadow City, a maze of tunnels lying under New York, and she’s also out to foil the plans of an unknown group of terrorists who are planning an assault on the Big Apple.  Will she and her group of Irregulars succeed?  Read KIKI STRIKE and find out!  (Book 2, THE EMPRESS’S TOMB, is also available at Wester Library.)


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