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INTERWORLD, by Neil Gaiman

Can Joey save the world(s)?

Can Joey save the world(s)?

What a great story!  It has magic, science, war, honor … and the destiny of a very special boy who finds out that he isn’t alone after all.

Joey is the kind of kid who gest lost in his own house – but then one day, Joey gets really lost.  He walks straight out of his world and into another dimension.  Suddenly he finds out that two very different armies – science and magic – will do anything they can to harness his power to travel between the dimensions … in a space called the Interworld.

Joey soon realizes that both armies are capable of great evil, so he makes the only choice he can:  to use the different versions of himself from many dimensions to set up his own army  – and enlist the help of others who share his amazing powers to fight to save all worlds.

Remember CORALINE?  Neil Gaiman wrote that famous ghost story.  This is another great tale by the same guy, but in a different category.


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