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BREATHE, by Cliff McNish

I see dead people...

I see dead people...

What if you could see something – someone! – that no one else could see?  What if you could see … dead people?  Would it be a gift, or a curse? 

Jack and his mom have just moved into a centuries-old farmhouse to make a new start after Jack’s dad died.  But what he finds there is that he has a special ability to sense the presence of people who have lived … and died … in the house before he came.  What’s worse, one of the spirits feeds on the souls of others so she can escape the Nightmare Passage, where ghosts go when they have no loved ones to guide them to the Other Side.  Can Jack help the ghosts of the children trapped in the house?  Can he keep himself and his mom safe from the Ghost Mother?  If you’re into eerie, ghostly stories, this one will keep you turning pages (but hopefully won’t keep you up at night after you finish it – !!!)


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